Pre-Hung Doors

Jac Group has pioneered the concept of Pre-Hung Doors in India. A Pre-Hung Door is a door which is pre hung on its frame at the factory. They are pre-finished at the factory and is a complete solution for a door opening. A Pre-Hung door consist of the door, door Jamb or frame and architraves all pre-polished and pre machined for fixing the iron mongery at the factory.

Pre-Hung Doors are manufactured in a sophisticated environment on automatic machines thereby ensuring  standardised quality and making them economical, attractive and long lasting to meet all home and commercial requirements. The pre hung doors come with decorative  architraves that conceal the transitions between surfaces along with locks and hinges that are included in the pre-hung door set. These are finished and ready to be assembled and installed on site. Our pre-hung doors are engineered with eco-friendly materials, with in-built properties to withstand climatic changes and are resistant to termites. Our state-of-the-art factory with the latest technology has a production capacity of 500 fully finished pre-hung doors per day.


The door jambs or door frames and architraves come in different options based on their  area of application .The jambs and architraves can be made with engineered wood, solid wood and WPC. The doors too come in a wide range of options ranging from Veneered Doors to HPL Laminated doors to Moulded panel doors to Painted Doors and more.

The Recommended Standard Civil Opening Size For Each Category
Main Door : 2100 X 1000 mm
Room doors & Other Utility doors : 2100 X 900 mm
Toilet doors : 2100 X 750 mm

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